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It has been said, “Give a man a fish and he eats for a day,
but teach a man to fish, and he will eat for a lifetime.”

Have you experienced Jeannie's HeartWisdom™ work and have a testimonial of your own you'd like to share? If so, please share it here! Thank you.

"Unties knots" of Tension and Stubborn Resistance

“I am a fairly new “releaser” but I attribute many, many gains to what I have learned from the audio courses of the Sedona Method and the Release Technique. However, I had many questions and some confusion that lingered after immersing myself in those courses.

Listening to Jeannie and Virginia on the recent teleconferences has cleared up so many misunderstandings, and their concept of going back to the basic course to keep it simple really resonated with me.

Despite my many gains with the other courses, I had been struggling with a stubborn and recurring resistance that had a strong and very uncomfortable physical component and what I call a “dense” fear field.

I called Jeannie for a private phone session, and before long, with Jeannie’s gentle and intuitive guidance, I opened up new channels of releasing! In fact, I was able to truly release on disapproving of myself for not having been able to fully release certain lingering feelings, I was able to fully accept my “no” response to a release question, and I was ultimately able to “untie the knots” of tension and resistance that were so profound and persistent.

The simplicity, elegance, sincerity and sensitivity of Jeannie’s approach to releasing allowed me to experience true healing. In fact, I commented that I felt so relaxed that it almost felt like I had just had a Swedish massage!

I can’t wait for Jeannie’s and Virginia’s new Master Your Emotions course—it is likely to hold the key to deep releasing that many of us yearn for. Thank you.”

Scott C., Attorney and EFT Coach, New York

Amazed By the Profound Simplicity; Takes Charge of Life With Clear Vision!

After several years of study and working with some wonderful life coaches, I connected with Jeannie Fitzsimmons and finally aligned several important empowering elements through her releasing work.

Jeannie really guided me to see how this great body of spirituality' comes together at a deep experientially level and in a practical moment-to-moment way.

When we met, I was in crisis-mode with life change, as I was entering a semi-retirement phase that was impacting my life in many ways, creating a wide spectrum of new choices and relationships. I needed to re-calibrate my entire life plan and I needed to make choices of the heart in perhaps the most challenging time of my life.

Jeannie's course helped me to confidently take charge of my life and give me a clear vision of my future through heart-centered intentions and by continuing to know the whole rather than the parts.

I was amazed often at the profound simplicity and the depth of this releasing work.

It allowed me to do more in the moment, handle upsets and anger issues with speedy relief and resolve.

My spirit, energy, and positive outlook on life lifted even more than before, even though I was handling and juggling so many new issues. My 'control' or 'out of control' feelings and challenges while under pressure were released and I could 'let go' on the spot with issues of any size. I was able to see more deeply into myself, others, and I had more of an empathic understanding while still standing tall within myself. The bottom line is that this releasing guidance system, through Jeannie, has offered me a safe and simple passage between my head and my heart. Now I know why they call it the longest journey.

Bob Robotti

Overcomes Fear of Flying!

I was on the plane and, I had been releasing for a while, and then we hit a little turbulence. I started releasing on 'what it would be like to "die''. I actually started there.

After an hour of releasing, and feeling this 'internal war'. It was strange and I switched to get window seat, for I actually liked looking down.

I realized somehow I was "wanting to be scared." Looking at what was really going on. If I am a "fearful person" I should be scared looking down and I wasn't. Ah…I really discovered that "I am afraid of the fear not of the turbulence!

I love being in control but I decided to sit back and ask myself "what if I enjoyed the bumpy turbulence?" …what if I enjoyed it, or what if I loved it, or what if I wasn't afraid?

Oh my God, it isn't even the plane, OR the turbulence--it is the thoughts and beliefs about them.

Then I thought WHO WOULD I REEEEALLY BE without these thoughts and beliefs—not just to release, but let go and 'see' WHO I AM? Then, it would just be an "experience" only!

I saw I think of myself as a 'fearful person', so I believe I have to be fearful and react as if it is real. I saw that I was wanting to be "kind of pitiful" and "wanting to be sick," and how ridiculous! WOW what a gain!

Julie Isaac, LA

Mind Becomes Quiet and Peaceful
Here is the gain I was telling you about:

As you brought up in class, releasing will open up the door to more issues and the dual nature of our universe provides the contrast to test the peace we find in releasing. When I arrived home from the quiet and peaceful flight on Monday, I was greeted at the door by a family "crisis". Nothing too serious, but upsetting for my wife. Of course, this wasn't that unexpected and I started doing the necessary things to handle it in the physical universe. But more importantly I went to work releasing on it. During the week things got even more challenging for a while and I could tell that resistance was being offered up for release. Today I spent most of the morning hours releasing and found some strong core emotions to release in this area. Needless to say this afternoon the mind is quiet and things are very peaceful here. Problems? What problems? (I must admit I found some more timely info in Silence of the Heart that also helped me release this area.)

I love the way life keeps throwing things at you in such a timely way to keep your progress going. In fact the timing of finding releasing 3 years ago was perfect. I needed those 50 years of a gut-wrenching emotional roller-coaster of a life to really get the full benefit of releasing! Who would have it any other way?


Dave A.

Share Your Gains!
Others Will Be Inspired Reading
How A HeartWisdom™ Seminar Has
Made A Difference In Your Life!

I love how easy it is for my students from Awakened Heart, HeartWisdom™ Core Releasing Seminars to have amazing gains for themselves, including insights, transformation, heart openings, clarity, and more. Sometimes they let them pass right by!

It is fun to receive your gains and responses as to how your 'releasing and letting go is becoming more effortless' how it benefits you, your loved ones, and your life.

This Gain, Gratitude or Benefit you remember for yourself, and share with others, is often the very thing someone reading it needs to hear, or is helped by, in their own life and releasing.

So, please ponder for a moment, remember, and share how your letting go is opening gifts for your life, to be freer, and happier! It just might help someone else, to hear you speak from the heart.

Thank you from my heart, to yours…

Jeannie Fitzsimmons
Awakened Heart International, LLC

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