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Jeannie ‘Viveka’ Fitzsimmons, founder of Awakened Heart, offers HeartWisdomTM Releasing Seminars and Effortless Releasing. She is a master trainer/facilitator of stress-releasing and spiritual reawakening courses and retreats.

Often described as a ‘dynamic transformational educator and entertainer’, she brings humor and fun to the art of ‘letting go’ of unwanted emotional blocks. Letting go re-empowers and re-awakens one's life and ignites inner-wisdom, allowing us to return to, and rest in, the heart.

As a Master Trainer she offers a dynamic 4-day Releasing Basic Course. She also offers an array of focused, topic-oriented workshops and retreats in various exquisite and beautiful healing/spiritual retreat centers around the world.

She brought the *Sedona Method® to Los Angeles 27 years ago, at the request of Virginia Lloyd, the Director of Training of Lester Levenson’s Sedona Institute. Inspired by and having faith in Lester, Virginia organically developed this ‘body of work,’ a stellar and practical system of releasing that has transformed lives around the world. Jeannie is a Certified and Licensed trainer of this original Sedona Institute Basic Course, and other work by Virginia Lloyd. Jeannie and Virginia are now facilitating, authoring, and conducting special events together.

Jeannie is currently the producer and host of the Internet television show, "Global Heartrepreneurs: Intimate Conversations and Interviews from the Heart of Wisdom, with global humanitarians and transformational leaders. Her archived shows are available at: GlobalHeartrepreneurs.com. She produces her show with leading edge streaming media products that anyone can use for worldwide self-publishing, which are available at: TheGlobalAmbassador.com.  She’s recently become involved in both domestic and international humanitarian work, and has started the Global Community for Peace and Well Being.

Jeannie offers intimate and personal HeartWisdom™ Seminars on a monthly basis, in various cities in the US. She will also be traveling to Europe and Asia, having recently been invited to teach at Universities there, and to appear on International television.

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*This work from Sedona Institute was initially named by, developed by and taught exclusively by Virginia Lloyd during the early years as Director of Training there. It was originally called The Sedona Method Release Technique. If it is referred to by that original course name anywhere on these pages of this website, this is to acknowledge that Sedona Method® is now a registered trademark of Sedona Training Associates of Sedona, AZ.